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Uni Directional: Why We Came to Carleton

Editor’s Letter

It came up casually around the boardroom table. Members of the magazine’s editorial advisory committee—the lovely, intelligent, committed souls you see here with me—were swapping stories of how we came to be in the same room.

Small talk was the genesis of what you see on this page now: a roundup of the experiences of the magazine’s advisers and a callout for you too to share the story of your path to Carleton. Write to us—we’ll compile your stories for a future issue. Without further ado, your CU Mag crew: Erin Sweet, BJ/98, MJ/00, chair of the committee. Sweet remembers everything about every story ever published in this magazine. She’s also a certified wedding co-ordinator. Who knew? She chose Carleton’s journalism program for its hands-on work experience that quickly separates the swimmers from the sinkers.


  I’m here, second from left, with some of your fellow alumni: Kim Figura (far left), James Hale, Erin Sweet (foreground), Tina Esmaeili, Rob Thomas (kneeling) and his son, future alumnus Hannan Thomas. We’re in the tunnels where Robertson Hall links with the rest of campus. Our team meets throughout the year to talk shop and share story ideas.

James Hale, BA/77, is past chair and unofficial historian on everything that is cool about Carleton. In the early 1970s, CU had an enviable reputation for its English department—it was a magnet for the consultant, author and music journalist.

Tina Esmaeili, our student representative, keeps us current with campus happenings. She’s a fourth-year English literature major who picked Carleton because of the intellectual rigour of our professors.

Kim Figura, BHum/04, MA/07, was looking for small classes made up of students who were passionate about studying literature. She found the College of Humanities to be a perfect fit.

Rob Thomas, BA/99, MJ/06, enrolled at Carleton to give university education a try—and stuck around. He parlayed his degrees into a career as a tenacious freelance writer, editor and broadcaster. You only have to turn the pages to see what they’ve inspired.


Fateema Sayani, BJ/01

Written by Fateema Sayani (BJ/01)
Photos by Luther Caverly

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