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The Scrubb brothers, Philip and Thomas, keep each other on guard and on the ball

The Scrubb brothers were aged only four and five when they started playing basketball. Both of their parents were former university players and were determined to get the boys started early. That perseverance paid off. Thomas, 19, and Philip, 18, of Richmond, B.C., are both on the Ravens basketball team. The soft-spoken, look-alike brothers room together, play together and claim they rarely have a spat.

“When we used to play, when we were younger, we liked to be on the same team all the time,” says Philip, a 6’3” guard. “We never really liked losing to each other, so we just tried to stay on the same team as much as possible.”

Thomas, a 6’5” forward, agrees. “It’s good to have a family member on the team. It makes it a lot more comfortable and a lot more enjoyable to be there, especially being far away from home.”

Raven Reviews

SIBLING RIVALRY  The Scrubb brothers, Philip (left) and Thomas (right)

Philip, a commerce student, declined offers from several other universities to come to Carleton, in large part because Thomas was already there studying neuroscience.

The Scrubb brothers even play together when home for the holidays. Their father is the head basketball coach at a Richmond high school. That gives the brothers access to the gym to run through drills or to practise with the high school team.

Philip has definitely been turning heads in his rookie year. During the pre-season, he scored 35 points against the University of Laval on October 24 in the Rouge et Or tournament finale and was named tournament MVP.
Mention the possibility of a pro career, and Philip lights up. “I’ve always wanted to play professionally,” he says. “Coming here gives me the best chance to improve.”

Written by Paul Gessell
Photos by Luther Caverly

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