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Online Map Tracks Journalism Grads

Journalism grads are all over the world map—Kenya, Brazil, France, Canada, and the United States, to name a few locations.

Harmeet Singh, BJ/10, in collaboration with Brett Ruskin, BJ/10, and Teresa Verenca, BJ/10, has created a Google map of Carleton University journalism alumni as a platform for journalism students to stay connected after graduation.

The map can be used to rekindle old friendships and network with others in related fields. There is a space on each map entry for users to share their own web sites. A search function also allows users to find grads by name or within a specified geographical area. Searching by location could be especially useful for recent grads who are moving to small towns or remote areas to begin their careers and are looking to contact other alumni. To add your name to the map, visit

Written by Erin Sweet ( BJ/98 | MJ/00 )

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