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iPad App Offers Doctors Fingertip Access to Patient Info

Hospital bedside care will be transformed with the launch of an iPad app that will give doctors access to patient information and lab results at the touch of a screen. Founded by three Carleton computer science grads—Adam McNamara, BCS/10; Tariq Zaid, BCS/10; and Joshua Tessier, BCS/09—Select Start Studios is an Ottawa tech start-up that was commissioned by the Ottawa Hospital to develop an electronic patient records system for the Apple iPad. The project is in its pilot phase and will be rolled out soon.

Already commissioned to develop an iPhone version of the application, Select Start has a list of future health care-related products in the works, including medical imaging software, also for the iPad. “Electronic health records are just the beginning,” says Zaid. “We have an incredible opportunity to bring functions like explaining an MRI or ordering a prescription to the bedside.”

Written by Erin Sweet ( BJ/98 | MJ/00 )

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