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Stories by David McDonald ( BJ/69 )


Reimagine Big-Box Stores

They’re supersized, they’re car-dependent, and they add little to a sense of community. They’re the brutally utilitarian and profit-driven big-box stores that have come to dominate suburban—and, increasingly, urban—spaces in recent years.
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Use Public Facilities to Facilitate Private Moments

When Yorkshireman Thomas Crapper popularized the modern flush toilet in the mid-19th century, he did not, in all likelihood, see his handiwork as a seat of quiet contemplation. But Lucas Boyd, a Carleton architecture student, does. The humble toilet sits at the centre of an exercise in “imagineering” that Boyd calls the Bathroom Pavilion.
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Find Out How Social Media Challenges the Hate Merchants

Politics doesn’t always happen in Parliament or even in demonstrations anymore,” notes Carleton history professor Jennifer Evans. “So I think it’s interesting to consider such ordinarily banal spaces as Flickr and Twitter as political spaces. More and more, they’ve become important for political opposition and political change.”
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Youth No Bar for New Mayor

Recently elected in rural North Dundas, Eric Duncan may be celebrated as the Kid Mayor, but he’s no newbie in the political world
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Touching down

Ravens football on track for 2012 return
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